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AutoAdapt Inventory System

StatSafe’s unique AutoAdapt inventory-system adjusts automatically to updates and changes with flexible inventory-positions.

Each med is assigned a unique ID describing the drawer and row with a unique numeric-position. The position moves forward as items are depleted and restocks are assigned a new ID behind it. AutoAdapt keeps track of it all!

  • Restock without returning previous stock.
  • Easily remove inactive inventory.
  • Effortlessly add new items.

auto adapt

Patient safety is first and foremost with StatSafe

Our unique 2D barcoded-PIN assures the correct “pharmacist-verified package” has been selected. Also, the PIN provides superior data management by uniting all relevant med information such as NDC, lot number & expiration.

The med data and patient information may be printed on a receipt to accompany the dose on its delivery to the patient.

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No need to compromise safety and security for affordability

StatSafe offers drawer-specific security options such as:

StatSafe Login Options

StatSafe is the definition of “Intuitive & Adaptable”

Intuitive Interface

If you’ve ever used an ATM before, then you are ready to use the StatSafe’s intuitive touch screen app. Dispense a med in a few easy steps and moments later be caring for your residents again.

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StatSafe provides real-time data visibility via the cloud

Real time data visibility
via the cloud

HL7 Interface for efficient
information exchange

Some of the ways you can manage your data from any browser:

  • Monitor multiple activities as they happen with email alerts.
  • Manage all your StatSafes from one dashboard screen.
  • Never miss revenue opportunities with our unbilled-dispense report.
  • Effectively manage offsite inventory-dollars with smart-utilization reporting.

The optional HL7 interface seamlessly exchanges information between StatSafe and your pharmacies information software.

  • ADT – The “Admit, Discharge & Transfer” patient information is transmitted to correct and coordinate manually added patients.

  • BILLING – Charges are transmitted to the pharmacy software for automated billing.
  • Rx ORDERS – (optional) Approved patient orders are transferred to the StatSafe cabinet before medication is allowed to be dispensed.

See what StatSafe customers are saying

Check out what our customers are saying about StatSafe’s:

  • PIN accountability
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Off-site portal management
  • Return on investment

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