About Phoenix

Phoenix is committed to providing innovative, cost-effective, durable, and fit-for-purpose medication management solutions that improve the overall patient and healthcare professional medication experience. Our medication management solutions serve many different markets — from skilled nursing to independent living.

We design, manufacture, and sell medication management solutions, and we train and support our customers to ensure satisfactory outcomes. Our long-term care medication carts and storage solutions are built for simplicity, configurability, and functionality. We offer:

• Greater capacity in smaller and lighter carts
• A simple restore system to improve longevity of systems and save money
• Drawers equipped with our clever divider system that adapts to any packaging system imaginable
• Multiple products to fit every budget and need
• Several exterior finishes to match your facility
• Choices of locking options
• eMAR ready design
• One cross-product platform with virtually unlimited options
• More standard features than offered by others

Phoenix also offers a state-of-the-art and subscription-based software and an automated medication management line of products that handle all aspects of medication management including:

• Secure inventory control
• Biometrics security
• A large touchscreen for full visual guidance
• Locking and unlocking drawers, bins, and cubes
• An intuitive web-based portal to manage and control medication dispensing from anywhere at anytime
• An interface for continuous dosing connected to patients’ health records
• Custom configuration

Today’s healthcare environment has fewer resources and greater demands than ever before. Facilities deal with long task lists to complete while striving to provide the best patient care. Rest assured that our medication management solutions, our staff, and our 24/7/365 urgent support team are here to make your experience extraordinary, safe, and smooth.

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