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Our medication management solutions serve many different markets — from skilled nursing to independent living. We are now one of the most prominent providers of premier medication management solutions in North America! In the following article, we are sharing a few facts about Phoenix that you might not have known. Please continue reading to learn why pharmacies all over North America love partnering with us.

Also, in this newsletter, we are introducing Sam Garcia (our Sales Coordinator), sharing with you a new cart accessory we recently introduced, and providing a short and interesting feature about the history of the pharmacy.

Thank you for your continued interest in what we do and your support of Phoenix LTC!

Phoenix LTC Has Grown Into a Major Force in the Market

You already know Phoenix LTC as a US-based manufacturer committed to providing innovative, cost-effective, durable, and fit-for-purpose medication management solutions that improve the overall patient and healthcare professional medication administering experience. Created in 2010, Phoenix Long Term Care has quickly become a well-known and highly-regarded brand in the long-term care marketplace. Over the years, through honing our craft and listening to our customers’ needs, Phoenix has grown into a major force in the medication management solutions industry.

Our company has become the provider of choice for our customers, because we offer superior products, as well as:

  • Dedicated and innovative engineering staff that are focused on creative products and continually improving them.
  • Designed a cart series to improve and extend the life of your fleet.
  • Carts that are designed to be maintained and fully restored with three simple hand tools, which allows you to get the most from your fleet.
  • Designed the first LTC-focused and affordable automated-stat-kit and evolved it into a fully automated dispensing system with individual locking cubes.
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Phoenix’s parent company is the Bergmann Group. The two manufacturing facilities – located in Phoenix and Nogales – provide nearly 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space with an eye on long-term onsite expansion plans. To ensure critical order deadlines, we:

  • Are vertically integrated with the expertise converting raw material into our products, thereby minimizing potential supply chain disruptions.
  • Maintain long-term partnerships with critical suppliers that are supported by blanket agreements.
  • Constantly strive to advance our technologies, processes, and organization to provide greater value to our customers.
  • Our Quick Turn Program allows even for large orders of our most popular carts to ship in just days instead of weeks.

Phoenix LTC has grown considerably over the past several years, and our systems are now regarded as the new standard of excellence for medication management solutions. Our customers appreciate our small-company atmosphere and benefit greatly from our big-company partnering. You get the best quality systems, the most dedicated team, and the greatest value for your investment when you partner with Phoenix LTC.

Introducing Sam Garcia

Sam Garcia has been with Phoenix LTC since June 2022 and is a Sales Coordinator. He provides sales support for Phoenix’s sales representatives through creating quotes, placing orders, researching and communicating the status of orders, and verifying inventory and stock levels.

Sam considers himself “the middleman” between our customers and sales reps, helping them work together, and finding answers to meet the needs of each. He enjoys working on several different types of projects, his supportive role with teammates and the technical team, and likes learning the IT functions necessary to provide preliminary information about Phoenix’s carts.

Considering himself a “jack of all trades”, Sam is not only a stellar sales coordinator, but he has a varied background which includes attending both art school for design and fashion and cosmetology school.

Sam Garcia

Introducing The New eMAR Arm System
By Bruce Smith, Vice President of Sales – Canada

Phoenix LTC is always in pursuit of the highest quality service and products. To that end, we are pleased to share a new product feature upgrade to our eMAR Arm System!

The new addition to the eMAR Arm System includes a new robust and versatile heavy duty gas spring arm that is mounted directly into the cart frame to provide long-term durability.

The gas spring arm systems are built to endure the long-term care environment that typically requires high monitor movement and cart use-and-abuse. The new gas spring system provides smoother adjustments, significant flexibility of range and greater swivel range, can take up to a 26.4 lb. all-in-one monitor, accommodates monitors up to 35”, and has a reach that extends 21” to offer optimal workspace.

eMAR Arm System

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The History of Pharmacy

The origins of pharmacy can be traced back thousands of years. Prehistoric humans lived close to nature and necessarily had to understand the properties of plants, animals, and minerals to survive. Certain people in these ancient societies carefully tested these materials and eventually discovered how to transform leaves, seeds, bark, insects, minerals, flora, and fauna into substances that could be used to treat injuries and illnesses. The earliest known record of medicinal uses of flora are the herbs discovered in Shanidar Cave, Iraq, and dates back 50,000 years.

Sumerian cuneiform tablets record prescriptions for medicine, while ancient Egyptian pharmacological knowledge was recorded on papyri scrolls. The first known Chinese pharmacological manuscript dates to the first century A.D. However, it was the ancient Greeks who first made the distinction between physicians and herbalists – herbalists provided physicians with raw materials to make medicines – giving rise to the modern-day concepts of medicine and pharmacy.

Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy in Florance, Italy, is thought to be the oldest apothecary in the world, dating back to the year 1221, when Dominican monks began growing herbs to make balms, salves, and medicines for their infirmary. Amazingly, you can still visit Santa Maria Novella, housed in its extraordinary original building with vaulted ceilings, gilding, frescoes, walnut cabinetry, and glass-stoppered decanters … and you can still purchase products created using the monk’s original recipes.

The History of Pharmacy

While the claim to the first pharmacy in America is disputed, one of the first apothecaries opened in 1729 in Philadelphia, PA. In 1752, Philadelphia Hospital, colonial America’s first hospital opened its doors. Those early roots in pharmacological experimentation grew in Pennsylvania until the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy was established in 1825. The college was the first step in the development of a system of pharmaceutical practices in the United States.

During the Industrial Revolution, new modes of mass-producing things like tablets, coated pills, and gel capsules became feasible. By 1900, pharmacies stocked shelves with these fabricated medicines, and over-the-counter medicines were born. This development also meant pharmacists were not being called upon to produce medicines tailor-made for each patient.

Today in America, modern medicines undergo long years of rigorous testing, inspections, and approvals by the Federal Drug Administration, and pharmacists are in for 8 years of college to earn a degree in pharmacy. These measures are attempts to insure, as much as possible, the safety and health of those who purchase – and most probably, intend to use – these medications in the United States.

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