StatSafe for Long-Term Care

Eliminate manual e-kits and reduce the risk of medication errors with our Automated Medication Management System.

StatSafe relieves the stresses surrounding medication administration by providing:

  • Better control of emergency and contingency drug supplies
  • Positive identification of anyone entering the system
  • Grant nurses selective access
  • Real-time inventory maintained at the pharmacy
  • Reduce lost billing for missing doses

StatSafe’s Interface supports your pharmacy staff by:

  • Auto-decrementing stat and first doses from initial fills, reducing waste and manual transactions
  • Auto-billing all routine, stat and first-dose dispenses never missing another offsite billable-event
  • Providing real-time access to inventory-stock and balance data
StatSafe 60 Day Trial


With our web-based portal; access inventory, management tools and reports, wherever and whenever you need it.


  • Create and refill inventory
  • Manage par levels and expiration dates by med
  • Control access with special order codes


  • Responsive and mobile-friendly dashboard
  • Manage facility/pharmacy users and patients
  • Grant facility-focused portal access


  • Discrepancy reporting
  • Security reporting
  • Order/billing reporting
  • Controlled inventory reporting
  • Utilization reporting
  • Automated email alerts
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