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A Patient Needs This Med… STAT!

The term "STAT" is very familiar in our industry, as it’s the official term for urgent prescriptions. The word 'STAT' comes from the Latin word "STATim" which translates to "immediately" and it means that the order should be prioritized first as it is needed urgently. A STAT medication order should generally be administered within 30 minutes of it being ordered.    The word "STAT" takes less time to say than "right now". It’s shorter, only one syllable, and in urgent and life-threatening circumstances, communication needs to happen extremely quickly.   In the medical world, “STAT” became known as a need for urgency and can’t be misunderstood when compared to terms like "hurry" or "do it now". In situations when “STAT” is required, it’s very important to convey the message as quickly as possible without any doubt.   There's also a time difference between "STAT" and "right now”. While they're very similar, "STAT" [...]

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Phoenix Newsletter – June 2023

Will Your Carts Be Ready When You Need Them? In this edition of our newsletter, we explore two very important issues – fundamentals of managing your medical cart fleet and some enrichment activity ideas for your residents. Both are incredibly important, because your carts need to be ready when you need them and your patients need stimulating pursuits. We hope you enjoy this newsletter! We encourage you to share it with colleagues, and contact us if there are any topics you’d like us to cover in the future! The 6 Fundamentals of Medication Cart Fleet Management Your facility needs medical carts that are reliable, high-quality, and will serve your organization for a long time. We have found that there are 6 essentials to making sure your carts stand up to rigorous, daily use. 1. [...]

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Phoenix Newsletter – March 2023

Solving One of Healthcare’s Most Critical Issues and News About Phoenix In this edition, you’ll find information on individually locking bins and how they solve one of the most prevalent issues in healthcare. We also share some news from our company, including our expansion in Canada, and a conference in May we’ll be at – see you soon, Texas! You’ll read a few tips on how to keep your residents engaged and stimulated, which helps extend their lives too. We hope you enjoy this newsletter. If you would like us to address any topics in the future, let us know! Individually Locking Bins Solve One of The Most Critical Problems in Healthcare Medicine safety demands that healthcare providers give their patients the right medicines in the right doses at the right times. One of [...]

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Phoenix Newsletter – December 2022

Hello & Welcome! Welcome to our very first newsletter! Whether you know us already or are just finding us, we want to invite you to this new venture of Phoenix LTC! Every quarter, we will be sending these newsletters, which will contain relevant news and information about the industry. Our goal is to provide valuable, useable, actionable knowledge to you, and with that in mind, we invite you to contact us with topics you’d like to see featured in our upcoming newsletters. Did we send this newsletter to your preferred email address? If not, don’t be shy! You can conveniently update your email address using by sending us a message by clicking here, where you’ll be taken to our ‘Contact Us’ page. We hope you’ll find this – our first newsletter – interesting, entertaining, and informative – and if you did, please share it with your friends [...]

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